Benguet State University


SY 2018-2019

Challenges in the present constitution and by-laws

The CBL is the framework of a legal entity. It defines how a nation should be ruled, provides regulations to its constituents and legitimize any act that is wished to be established and done. It is the provisions of the CBL that dictates signification of will, and provides basis for any law that the people should benefit.

The CBL of DCS-BSU is as good as any other. Throughout time being the basis of framework, it serves the organization as an inspiration for its core group and the rest of its members to be abounding to its objectives whereby they become instruments of civic works, academic excellence, and development communication practices.

However, the present set-up of the organization should be properly scrutinized, evaluated and analyzed. This is for us to clearly identify solutions for the challenges that we encounter. In this context, we may accumulate suggestions that shall be integrated in the CBL for us to have a better framework in the attainment of what we really want.

Indeed, with the growing number of membership, we ought to institutionalize a framework that is best appropriate with time.


We, the members of the Development Communication Society of Benguet State University, ever conscious of the dependence upon the will of the Almighty God, hereby beseech His divine guidance in order to productively harness and correctly unify our commitment to the school and society, taking cognizance to organize ourselves as an essential force capable of undertaking aims and objectives, do hereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution and By-Laws.


The Development Communication Society, being the official organization of the Benguet State University’s Development Communication students, shall be a non-profit and independent organization. It shall be socio-cultural, civic and spiritual in nature and academically competent especially in the field of Development Communication. It shall faithfully abide with the rules and regulations of the school, the student council, and other student organizations’ constitution and the government laws. Likewise, the organization shall foster unity and promote communication skills among its members. It shall also adhere to the policy of peace, equality, justice and democracy.

For More Details on the CBL, download the complete version.